Monday, 2 July 2007

I really think red bull is great. It tastes like purple calpol. And it has snapped me out of my blur.

So I have had lots of interesting emails – June and I are thinking of setting up a communal blog in which to put all of your theories – one very interesting. If anyone would object to me putting them up (names omitted) please let me know. Also, I am amazed at how dedicated people have been scouting across the country. I think all books have been found, no? Miss Havisham seems to go into paroxysms of excitement and bossiness with each book-finding report…

Now. I have had something rattling around in my fuzzy head. Let me know what you think. A little while ago, June published a draft of a first chapter of Jasper Fforde’s book that, in the end, never got published. This chapter was entitled Miss Havisham. Did you read it? It’s on her blog.

Ok. As far as I can tell – as a Fforde newcomer – it seems he was writing about an MH long descended from the original old hag of Great Expectations. Like the 27th (!) Miss Havisham. (And I'm too afraid to ask her in case she hits me or something.)

And if so, is this the Havisham I’ve had the pleasure of dealing with? Am I an acquaintance of Miss Havisham 27? The one I know is certainly reminiscent Dickens’ ‘witch of the place’ but then she seems younger and not nearly as cogent as an old timer. And apparently the MH was an accomplished book jumper whereas my MH seemed as boggled as me that she’d managed to pull the bookjump off. In fact, her startled and downright irascible quirks have all the marks of a novice to me (Afterall, id this is the case, she’s had one teaser chapter in which to practise). Plus. I’ve been told that the MH died in a car crash. Didn’t she? Is this the 27th Havisham? What do you all think?

Also, having been discarded from First Among Sequels is that why no-one misses her?

I hate to admit it but I am starting to feel some affection for this petulant and downright annoying virago…

Have you thoughts on my thoughts?

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