Saturday, 2 June 2007

Dear Friends and Strangers,

I thought perhaps a description of the bride and groom might help to trigger memory. They are a very distinctive pair.

Bride: About 40. Darkish hair. She was wearing a long bridal veil dependent from her hair, or rather it looked like it was supposed to be white but had faded – it was old and tatty and had lost its lustre. Also, most noticeably she looked like she hadn’t really finished dressing – her dress looked incomplete and was a poor fit. She was only wearing one shoe. And she has a piercing stare. She has bright albeit sunken eyes – if you’ve looked her in the eye you will know who I’m talking about. There is something familiar about her. And she was incredibly pale compared to him, utterly drained of colour. I think she is lost and unhappy.

Groom: Ok, I’d know him if I saw him. but I can’t remember him nearly as well as her - probably because the only time I saw him I was in shock. He was wearing a shirt and shorts – not smart enough for a wedding. That’s all I can remember. And I suspect he is a rogue.

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