Saturday, 2 June 2007

So just to fill you in a little….

1. The incident in Foyles.
It occurred at about 11am. The shop floor was quiet before the lunch rush hour. I was checking the F and E sections on the Classics floor when a book came off the shelf. And, it wasn’t like the book fell, it actually seemed to leap off, but anyway. And as I went to pick it up, a man and woman dressed as bride and groom (albeit rather scruffily) materialised out of the ether. (And no, I wasn’t hallucinating, I hadn’t been drinking, I’ve never taken drugs, I’m not crazy, I’d had a good night’s sleep and I am very cynical when people claim to have seen ghosts, monsters and guardian angels etc.) But this tatty bride and groom did literally appear out of nowhere. Honestly. Just like that. And they seemed as alarmed as me to be standing there face to face. When I asked them how they had got there, they made a break for the door. (I caught the tail-end of their exit on my phone for those of you who - like I might have not had I not seen it myself - don’t believe me. Does anyone know how to put phone video messages on this blog? Is it possible?)

They then ran out and jumped on a bus going East. And I’m going to be in deep sh*t tomorrow with my boss because…. so did I!!!!! (I needed to know I wasn’t going crazy you see) I had lost sight of them but I watched the streets like a hawk. And, low and behold, the bride was upon the steps of St Paul’s Cathedral.

2. The St Paul’s incident.
She was pacing the steps crying and singing opera! (The words went something like ‘trouble…. Remember me…. Forget fate’ something like that – does that ring any bells?) There was no sign of the groom! And I caught that on my phone too!

Does anyone know how to put my video on the internet? I have a Sony Ericsson W810i. That would make things easier

If any of you saw these two people, please get in touch.

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