Sunday, 24 June 2007

Doesn't matter, I think it is more important that you see this now.

The preface:
I received a note from Havisham to meet her today at St Olave's (a funny little medival church that survived the Great Fire of London.) Anyway, she seemed to think that the groom had mentioned it as being a place of inspiration for him - but she wasn't sure. A hunch to follow nonetheless.

Anyway - low and behold! - I met the eccentric and surly Havisham.

Follow the youtube link below to see for yourself.

NB. It was no small task convincing a woman of 19th Century fiction to talk to a camera - I did my best. And a shower forced us inside the church for the tail end of the footage - she didn't want the veil to get wet. As you will see, she needs our help. Please contact me if you think you can. (P.S I don't sound like that in real life, I think I sound really weird on that clip.)



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