Monday, 11 June 2007

A strange occurance.

Today at work I came across an unauthorised copy of Wuthering Heights tucked in and squashed among the Brontes. It is an austerely plain paperback - title and author are the only things to animate the cover. What is most puzzling, however, is that most of the text is missing. In fact, I think even I (were it not for the title) would have trouble identifying the book from the fat that's left on the bone - there is no mention of Heathcliff, Catherine, Cathy, Lockwood, Nelly Dean, Hareton, Edgar or Hindley anywhere. But checked against one of our copies, the skimable bits remain.

Should I be concerned?

I've left it hidden in the Brontes so that you can see for yourselves - or to see if anyone comes to collect it. (Please do not take it to the counter - my boss will remove it. In fact, if you do come to see it, please put it back.)

My slightly tempered excitement is that.... this must surely be relevant to the wandering bride and groom. I don't want to jump to conclusions but surely these are not isolated oddities?

Finally, do I have a lead?

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KGB said...

Well, this Sunday afternoon the book seemed to have gone...