Saturday, 2 June 2007

Right. I have just read over my late night rambles. I want to apologise for the over-used exclamation marks. I must have been possessed by some grammar devil. I swear it’s not something I usually do – I’m not an excitable girly girl but I was very tired and confused about all of this. So try not to let it undermine the authenticity of what has happened. Also, I clearly failed to post a cogent message. It is was a mess. I am still tired. But

To Summarise:

If anyone saw a scruffy bride and groom on Friday 1 June in Foyles on Charing Cross Road or on a bus from Charing Cross Road to St Paul’s Cathedral or at St Paul’s, I would really appreciate it if you would get in touch via the email above. Thank you very much.
(Or in fact, if you have any information you think might be relevant, please pass it on.)

My boss has given me two warnings, one for leaving in the middle of my shift and the second for being an hour late today. I tried to explain the circumstances and even suggested I prove it to him with our CCTV footage but he told me to stop making up stories. For the record, I am not making this up. I’ve never liked him very much.
P.P.S I think my boss is an idiot.

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